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X - a free Java based demux utility

Copyright (C) dvb.matt, All Rights Reserved

ProjectX is on available in 3 Versions

  • Current ProjectX as ProjectX .NET (as exe) (runs without JAVA but with Microsoft.Net or Mono and IKVM.NET)
  • Current ProjectX Complete (Contains: Compiled ProjectX (as exe), contains needed JAVA Runtime Files*, and Topfield Addon)
  • Current ProjectX without Installer

* JAVA will be automaticlly detected and only if needed, downloaded and installed.



  1. this is a free Java based demux utility.
  2. It is intended for educational purposes only, as a non-commercial test project.
  3. It may not be used otherwise. Most parts are only experimental.
  4. released under the terms of the GNU GPL.
  5. there is NO WARRANTY of any kind attached to this software.
  6. use it at your own risk and for your own education as it was meant.