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Program to manage films

  • Administration of films with film-data, Cover, genre, evaluation, data carrier-name
  • Export as Cover (CD- / DVD- / VHS-Cover) at Word or OpenOffice
  • Export as CSV
  • CHM help
  • Program is in german & english
  • many more

You still have wishes to the program, you can get rid of these in the WatchersNET Forum

Screenshot of Main Window

This program absolutely is Freeware for WatchTVPro-Supporter & co-workers of my company

Description of the author:
This film-data base is as "ADO - Learning by Doing" originated, i.e. it is a test-program more or less in order to learn on my part the "contact" with ADO.

The program is admittedly developed, but the focus is not directional after it, i.e. Input welcome - > realization of the time