WatchersNET.SkinObjects.ModuleActionsMenu - for DNN® 04.05.05-04.09.05/05.02.00-05.06.x/06.xx.xx

The Module Actions Menu Renders the Module Action List of an Module as an a simple HTML unordered list instead of Heavy loaded Java Script lists.


  • Very clean bold and lightweight
  • Context Mode (Right Mouse Click Anywhere inside the "Content" Area of an Module Container to Open Up the Actions Menu)
  • Context Menu automatically detects if the Content Area has a Minium Size 10px x 10px, if its smaller it falls back to the Normal Menu
  • Option to Disable Opening of Menu Links as Pop Ups in DotNetNuke 6.
  • Easy Skinning with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Uses CSS 3 Features for Transparency, Drop Shadows and Gradients
  • Uses Java Script only to Display the Drop Downs smoother (Can be disabled)
  • 4 Different Color Skins included (Red, White, Grey and Orange)
  • Integrated Style Sheet Can be Disabled to uses the existing Ones like the Skin.css or Container.css


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